Our mission is to teach you the skills needed to succeed as a trained professional in the hospitality industry. You will have the know how to start making money the moment your course is completed!

The Hospitality Industry
Trained wait staff are in demand in every city across America now more than ever. Hospitality is a growing industry and with its growth comes immense opportunity for those with the required skills. Working in the hospitality business is fun, exciting, and rewarding and affords you the opportunity to meet cool people and attend incredible events all while being paid.

Wait staff positions aren’t just in demand at restaurants. Catering companies, hotels and country clubs are always looking for trained staff to work at their banquets and special events. These types of events require special skills and training that are particular to banquets and large scale event production. We have developed our Special Events Wait Staff Training Class to address these specific skills.

Special Events Wait Staff Training Class
Our Special Events Wait Staff Training Class is ideal for anyone looking to gain the skills needed to work in the hospitality industry as a special events waiter. Whether you're looking to expand your hospitality knowledge, start a new career or just want to work at fabulous catered events in-between other gigs, this class will give you the knowledge, confidence and hands-on experience you’ll need to succeed! As a course participant you will learn about all aspects of special events and banquets in a fun, hands on learning environment. Our trainers are industry professionals that place a focus on interactive learning and your success. Upon completion of your Special Events Wait Staff Training Class you will be fully prepared to get started making money. In many cases, our human resources department can even assist you with job placement.