About Us    

Why Hospitality Plus Staffing?  

We are here to serve you!  With one phone call or e-mail you can have trained staff arrive at your door, on time, in uniform, ready to work, with the proper skills and our famous Hospitality Plus "can-do" attitude.  Hospitality Plus is in the business of hospitality matchmaking--placing the right people in the right jobs for the right reasons.  We love playing matchmaker by selecting the best staff for your various positions so that our employees can help your team fulfill your mission. Your events and services are our only focus, we simply support you in whatever ways we can to enhance your crew.   We look forward to hearing from you.  Please give us a call at (866)783-5402 with any questions or ideas on how we can serve you. 

Our Standards in Hospitality Tradition
Skills & Training: Our employee application process includes written testing, oral questioning, and a hands-on training that covers all areas of event set-up, fine dining, and many other areas of food service and catering. Reference and criminal background checks are done on all new hires. We also consistently maintain each active staff member's profile and field performance based from previous client feedback on every job. 
Service Obsessed: A saying you hear in our company-- “serving people, not just plates”-- exemplifies our passion for service. From stocking, prepping, cooking and presenting the food on the plate, to selling, serving, and washing the plates, we really pride ourselves on not just showcasing the skills, but on having the attitude of hospitality that will impress your guests and clients. Hospitality Plus Staffing, LLC is a fully licensed and insured corporation. 

Why We Care
It’s one thing to simply run a business; it’s quite another to do it in such a way that we touch our clients, build our employees up, give to the community and believe that everything we do must be done with integrity and in accordance to our company values. These values are painted on our office walls and lived out in our business decisions. 

How We've Grown 
Hospitality Plus Staffing has been improving our service and building stability since Gary Gates launched the business in 1998 in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  With a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and nearly 30 years of direct experience in all aspects of the hospitality business, Mr. Gates understands the challenges of our industry and has focused his expertise on enhancing our services to you.  Revenue has increased each year showing our success in providing our clients with service they can trust.  Additionally, we’re proud of the fact that most of our business comes to us by word-of-mouth referral.  At the request of our clients we have deliberately expanded our markets.  We are now serving Asheville, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami, Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando, Nashville and Charlotte.   In addition to providing the best hospitality staff in the industry through Hospitality Plus Staffing, Gary Gates consults on a myriad of other projects including staff training, motivational speaking, restaurant launch, consultation, and organizational trouble shooting.  His corporation Hospitality Plus Event Services, Inc. was formed to provide full service event production capabilities.  This firm is responsible for orchestrating premiere events held by the most renowned clientele in the world. 

"We have always made every effort to be ambassadors of good will and hospitality in the markets we serve, regardless of our bottom line." 
                                                                       - Gary Gates, CEO